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Dizziness, although a common symptom, is very non-specific in directing us to a cause. Is it vertigo secondary to the presence of crystals that have become displaced in the inner ear? Is it due to the hair cells within your inner ear ineffectively transmitting the signals to your brain? Is it due to impaired eye movements that may be deteriorating from stress or fatigue? Or is it due to an infection that is now affecting the nerves controlling your hearing and balance?


In a lot of cases, dizziness may be the primary symptom from a chronically stiff and sore neck.

Although an assessment in room light can help detect the cause, an infrared goggle assessment allows us to pick up on nuanced findings that may otherwise go missed. In many instances dizziness, like muscle/joint pain, can be rehabbed and improved once we understand the cause. 


Have you tried physical rehab for your dizziness? Maybe it’s time to start. Get yourself in, or contact me below for additional information.

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