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Many physiotherapists utilize techniques to mobilize soft tissue - whether this be massage, muscle energy techniques, stripping, pinching, rolling, active release, contract-relax, etc. 

The proposed benefits of soft tissue mobilization are numerous - from stimulating tissue repair and remodelling, to enhancing blood perfusion and reducing standing inflammation. From increasing tissue extensibility/flexibility to the basic goal of reducing pain and stiffness. 

​Graston  Technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) - ie. the use of specialized patented stainless steel instruments to facilitate and enhance soft tissue mobilization techniques. Those that declare the ability to proficiently use Graston tools must be certified within this system in order to provide this service. 


The use of Graston to perform soft-tissue release is quite a different sensation that other forms of soft tissue mobilization. Think your injury could benefit from Graston? Get yourself in, or contact me below for additional information.

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