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Developed by a Japanese physician, Dr. Kenzo Kase, in the early 70s, Kinesio Taping was first introduced to North America at the Northwest Athletic Trainers Association's Annual Clinical Symposium that was being held in Portland, Oregon in March of 1995. Popularized by athletes competing on the international stage - Kinesio Taping is now a widely utilized tool that allows full mobility while enhancing position sense and aiding with biomechanical feedback.

In contrast, Sport Taping primarily serves a strapping/bracing purpose and is meant to restrict excessive movement in an effort to prevent ligamentous or muscular strain. Think of a classic ankle tape job.


 Both can be used at different times in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques to either help you recover from an injury, or prevent one from occurring altogether. 


I often use kinesio taping to help my athletes or weekend warriors get back to comfortable competition. Think you could benefit from kinesio or braced taping? Get yourself in, or contact me below for additional information.

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